Freepbx ivr template

We are going to walk through a simple and typical setup of FreePBX. It would be impossible to teach you through a single wiki how to configure the over features of FreePBX, but following should allow a brand-new user to create a basic system setup. Please note, we try to keep these articles as up-to-date as possible, but your system may vary slightly from the procedures and screenshots shown here, based on the versions installed.

This setup assumes you have purchased the System Building Basic commercial module bundle to make setting up phones and your PBX much easier.

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It also assumes you are using SIP trunks. In our example we will use SIPStation for our trunking.

freepbx ivr template

The modules are divided into several categories at the top of the GUI. Once you're at a specific module's page, you can hover your mouse over the question mark icon near each entry to view more information on what the item does. Note: These passwords do not change the Root password used to login to the Linux command prompt! They are only used for access to the web interface.

FreePBX has a number of components that will send out e-mail alerts on various conditions. Check the following areas to verify or set the desired e-mail destination address of the phone system administrator who will receive the alerts:. There is additional configuration needed for some of the above components but the above is just the e-mail From and To configuration.

Use the drop-down menus to select the appropriate time zone and then click Submit. Note the warning stating that you must reboot your system in order to complete the changes.

Be very careful with this section! You will want to reboot, NOT power off. You'll be warned that rebooting will cause call processing to stop. Click OK if you are ready to continue. Just to make sure you're really ready to reboot, a pop-up will ask you to type "reboot" in the field.

Your system will now reboot. Click Submit. Your settings will be applied when the page reloads. Click the Yes button next to "Enabled. Enter an initial password digits only. Here you can see a table showing extensions and whether various settings are enabled.

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You can click the pencil icon to edit, or the trash can icon to delete. Please see our Extensions Module wiki for more information.Your system will then reformat the disk, and upon completion, you will have a fully functioning FreePBX Distro ready to configure your phones and trunks.

A Winning Team! FreePBX Market Place Outside of all the open source modules and add-ons available for FreePBX, there is a wealth of optional but powerful commercial modules available, with other developers looking to do more. The introduction of the Distro and further standardization at the system level will be opening the doors to further develop the training programs available and a real certification and partner program that will go way beyond fancy certificates and titles.

Stay tuned as we roll this out and bring you more information! Here are the two latest releases ready to install and get going. Stable Legacy. Although there are several pre-configured ISOs available see abovedetailed instructions for several flavors of Linux can be found on the Installation Instructions Page. We use high end Supermicro servers on our world class, fully redundant network, featuring tier one providers, BGP routing and High End Cisco Routers and Switches for the ultimate low latency high availability connection to your hosted services.

Colocation services are also offered through MilwaukeeColo. Contact Us Today! By optionally providing your contact information we will be able to inform you of:. No, thank you. We require direct SSH access to deliver service on all support requests. After-hours support and some other services are charged at a higher rate. See all the details on this and other Support Terms and Conditions here. Jump To Manual Install. Easy Install? View All Versions.Check out our online store where you can find FreePBX and Asterisk items like shirts, mugs, stickers and more!

From installing to upgrading your system, our FreePBX experts can assist with your technical needs through our comprehensive support packages. Your system is already configured to work with these modules! Let us manage your PBX server, so you can focus on your business.

The openness of the project allows users, resellers, enthusiasts and Partners to utilize the FreePBX EcoSystem to build robust communications solutions that are powerful but at the same time easy to implement and support. Sangoma is proud to be the sponsor of FreePBX project. The FreePBX Distro is an all in one platform that installs everything you need to build a phone system. This program will help train, educate and close more sales.

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FreePBX 101 v14 Part 13 - IVR Design

Welcome to FreePBX! FreePBX can run in the cloud or on-site, and is currently being used to manage communications of all sizes and types of environments from small one person SOHO Small Home, Small Office businesses, to multi-location corporations and call centers.

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The FreePBX ecosystem provides you with the freedom and flexibility to custom design business communications around your needs. SIPStation SIP trunking service delivers telephony services using your high-speed internet connection, eliminating the need for traditional phone service. No contracts, no fuss. FreePBX Appliances.

Designed and rigorously tested for optimal performance this is the only officially supported hardware solution for FreePBX. Commercial Modules.

Reseller Program. Recent News!Then the PBXact phone system by Sangoma is for you! Learn More. Take your contact center to the next level with the Call Center Builder Bundle. Deck out your FreePBX installs with our most popular add-ons all in one package for a great price. Fully deck out your FreePBX installs with our add-ons all in one package for a great price. Extension Routing allows you to easily and visually control which extensions are allowed to use specific outbound routes.

Visitors simply put their phone number in to be connected with you, or a specific destination. The Outbound Call Limiting module allows you to place restrictions on how many times a number is called during a certain time period on a per outbound route basis.

By utilizing a simple feature code you can change your Caller ID for one call or all calls. Page Pro adds to the existing Paging module in FreePBX to include the ability to hook outbound routes to a page group, make a valet-style airport-style page and create recordings to be played to a page group before the pager can speak.

This module allows an individual or a group to be notified and optionally accept responsibility for a voicemail. Additionally, notifications can be sent out when someone claims responsibility for the voicemail.

You simply enable faxing for any user on the system; then you point a phone number to specific fax user and let us answer the fax call. Tired of searching the system Call Detail Records for call recordings?

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Running out of storage on your system due to required archiving of call recordings? With the Call Recording Report Module, you can view, sort, listen to, archive and download all recorded calls on your system. With Queue Reports, you are given insight into each and every one of your queues. Queue Reports gives you full control over what data is displayed for each type of report. Does your company do outbound dialing?

Would you like to automate the process?

FreePBX Distro

If so, Xact Dialer is for you. Simply Start a Campaign and choose where your calls will be routed to. It even gives you the option to route calls based on whether they are answered by a person or an answering machine.

To make it even easier, you can also choose to get reports on your campaign daily or after the campaign completes. Stop dialing each individual number.This article will begin by giving an overview of the built in abilities and covering some more standard but subtle techniques of using the timeout t and invalid i extensions, and exposing feature codes into your IVR. Also, hooking into an IVR with a custom context to do more customized applications, and a bit about how Asterisk resolves extensions so you can understand and debug such custom changes will be discussed.

The directory dialing simply exposes the directory application which must be installed and enabled in the Feature Code menu.

freepbx ivr template

On most systems you will have a single choice for Directory Context: Default. The directory segregates groups of users based on the voicemail context they are assigned.

Unless you have created different voicemail contexts when configuring voicemail, everyone will be available in the directory. Otherwise, it lets you limit the directory dialing to those contexts. We will not elaborate any further on this aspect and assume you only have default as your voicemail context for the sake of this article.

The enable direct dial option is fairly straight forward but still leads to occasional confusion. Choosing that will allow any local extension to be dialed by its extension number. Furthermore, if that extension has a Follow-Me configured, the Follow-Me will be used.

As a side note — it will also be used in directory dialing above. Only the extensions are exposed which leads to common questions when users are trying to direct dial Ring Groups, Queues, Conference Rooms, etc. These are not exposed by checking this box, nor would we want them exposed for good reason. Exposing these is described below. For each menu choice you may configure:. In most cases, these are fairly straight forward. You may want to treat this like the above example, press 3 for the conference room.

freepbx ivr template

The solution is simple, if your conference room number is R-O-O-M you can simply put as your IVR option in the left textbox and then choose that same conference room as the destination. But how to expose something like voicemail system access at the IVR when there are no destinations listed? Since this article is about IVRs, I will leave it to the reader to work this exercise on his or her own.

Go to the Misc Destinations module, create a destination for the feature code you want to expose e. Next, how do you control the behavior when a user presses an invalid extension or waits to long.

When you create an IVR, it will create both of those options by default unless you specifically define your own options for them. The default behavior is to simply play an appropriate message and then loop back to the beginning of the IVR — up to 3 times before it drops the call. Assume the boss does not want the general public direct dialing him or her from the IVR but other extensions should be accessible. How do you accomplish this? Now, back to the Return to IVR checkbox — what is that and how would you use it.

Specifically, if this IVR was called as a child from another IVR, and the user presses that option, it will return up one level.

You still need to define an alternate destination on the right — to handle the case where this IVR is not called as a child — but this will always be ignored if the box is checked and this IVR was called from another. How can we accomplish this? The end results when a user presses an invalid option, they will go to the announcement you specified. Since the announcement has Return to IVR checked, it will return back to this IVR after it plays its message, having the desired result.

A more sophisticated example might be creating a child IVR that provides directions to your facility.

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In the Directions IVRyou may have directions from the airport, highway, etc. Each of those would call an appropriate announcement module destination with the directions. So, for example, if you have a day and night IVR you use, you can have both of them provide an option for directions and both point to this same Directions IVR. The return path will always be back to the correct IVR. Of course, you will also want to check Return to IVR in each of the announcements that provide the directions.By simply specifying numbers and names to be called, your PBX will automatically call at specified times and allow recipients to confirm, cancel and reschedule appointments.

The module gives you the flexibility to control all details of the calls from rate limiting to retry attempts and days ahead to notify of an appointment. You have the ability to simply load a CSV list of numbers to call, or even add numbers and names manually. On the fly modifications can be made to any Appointment Reminder list to allow for total flexibility. The Voicemail Notifications module lets you configure notifications to monitor a mailbox for new messages. When a new message is left, the system will call the recipients in the priority order you define in this module until one of them accepts responsibility for the message.

You can optionally setup your system to notify you when a notification is complete. Extension Routing allows you to easily and visually control which extensions are allowed to use specific outbound routes by simply dragging and dropping extensions.

You can also customize your dial plan to enable or disable extensions with the swipe of a mouse. Managing these recordings within Asterisk typically involves lots of management time sorting and filtering CDR reports to manually extract system call recordings.

Tired of searching the system Call Detail Records for call recordings? Running out of storage on your system due to required archiving of call recordings? Does your company call consumers? Worried about fines from not complying with various local, state and federal regulations placed on companies that call consumers?

Whether your company makes collections calls, sales calls or telemarketing calls you need to place limits on the number of calls made to consumers to avoid government fines for harassment, which can be in the thousands per call in some cases. To help you achieve this, we developed the Outbound Call Limit module that allows you to place restrictions on how many times a number is called during a certain time period.

By dialing a simple feature code you can change the Caller ID for the next call on your extension. Optionally you can also specify the Persistent field, If this is checked the CID is permanently changed for all future calls for your extension until another feature code is entered to change it. Additionally, you can assign members to already created Class of Services when creating a new extension in the Extensions module.

Watch this video to discover more! Would you like to automate the process? If so Broadcast is for you. Simply Start a Campaign and choose where your calls will be routed to. It even gives you the option to route calls based on whether they are answered by a person or an answering machine. To make it even easier, you can also choose to get reports on your campaign daily or after the campaign completes. Stop dialing each individual number and contact a Sales Representative today to see how you can benefit from Broadcast!

Please note this is not a predictive dialer and is designed to broadcast messages to your call list. Additionally, EPM allows you to create templates based on brand and model. These templates can be applied to single or multiple devices to create configuration files that will load on to your server and auto-provision the phone.

You also have control over global settings, custom extensions and firmware used on your devices. This module also gives you the power to enable pinless dialing on a per route basis for any extension. Additionally, you can generate downloadable reports that include call details and summaries of billable hours. You can also tell if voicemail users have recorded their greetings and, if required, listen to them. This is useful for companies running additional locations off the same server or ones that have many internal departments.

Parking Pro offers a Park and Announce feature, which takes the hassle out of utilizing call parking, allowing you to park calls and sit back letting the system take care of announcing calls automatically to a page group. This functionality is enabled by the Paging Pro module, which is bundled in with your licensed purchase of Parking Pro. There are more than a dozen options in all and this video will quickly highlight each and every one of them. Lets take a closer look.

This module can be used with most SIP phones that are supported on the PBX, capable of paging or using the intercom function.As a general rule, you never want more than five or six options in a single IVR, or it will become too confusing to navigate.

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It is better to only include a few options at a single menu level, and route callers to a sub-menu for more choices. Here we choose which recording to be played to the caller when they enter the IVR. This can be any system recording that you have defined in the System Recording module.

Your options are:. Enter the amount of time in seconds the system should wait for the caller to enter an option on their phone keypad. If this amount of time passes without the caller entering anything, it will be considered a timeout.

After a timeout, the system follows the timeout rules defined below. We recommend setting this to 4 or 5 seconds. How many times a caller is allowed to enter an option without finding a match before we send the caller to the Invalid Destination as defined below. We recommend setting this to 2. The prompt to play to the caller when they enter an invalid entry. This can be any system recording from the System Recordings module.

If set to yesthe caller will return to the parent IVR after an invalid entry. The return path will be to the IVR that was in the call path prior to this IVR, which could lead to strange results if there was another IVR in the call path not immediately before this one. The recording to play to the caller after they have reached the invalid retry count defined above. If callers cannot find a match after reaching the number of invalid retries defined above, they will be transferred to the invalid destination you set here.

This can be any destination on your PBX. How many times callers are allowed to timeout without pressing any options on their keypad before they are sent to the invalid destination defined above. We recommend setting this to 1.

Welcome to FreePBX!

The recording to play to a caller who times out. The recording to play to a caller when they have used the number of timeout retries defined above. This can be any system recording that you defined in the System Recording module.

If callers do not make an entry within the maximum number of timeout retries defined above, they will be transferred to the timeout destination.



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