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You'd be surprised how many people aren't aware of the fact that crossbows have varying draw weights to accommodate the wide range of hunting available. In fact, the gulf varies from the 50 lb.

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That difference in resistance can mean a bolt ejected at feet-per-second fpsor one ejected at over fps. But how does draw weight - and the resulting speed of the bolt - factor into hunting? That degree of resistance will typically give you a bolt speed of to fps. This is actually plenty of power to bring down a turkey, an antelope, and even a deer - provided you wait for the right shot and hit a kill zone.

Believe it or not, rabbits are tricky beasts to nail with a crossbow because they're relatively small and are prone to either crouch, jump, or dart when they hear the twang of the crossbow.

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Because of their meager size and therefore naturally smaller kill zone as compared to a deer or antelopethe speed of the bolt is actually more critical than it is for larger animals. For larger animals with thicker hide and more fat density such as elk, caribou and small bears, you'll want a crossbow with a draw weight of lbs. Note that these larger animals aren't particularly quick about getting out of the way of a bolt or arrow.

What's needed here is raw power to penetrate into the kill zone of the animal - not speed - although you'll have plenty of it to work with. Some lb. While the average guy can span cock a lb. You may want to consider getting an assistive device to help you span the crossbow.

Many of the new crossbows available feature a handy foot device to assist in this procedure. It looks like the non-working end of a shovel - big enough to slip your muddy boot into while you pull back on the stock of the xbow. A lb. Because of the danger inherent in shooting one of these magnificent creatures, it's wise practice to work your way up to them. You can't afford to miss a grizzly bear at 40 yards out, knowing that it will take you at least seconds to prep the crossbow for a second shot.

A grizzly bear in the wild can cross a football field in roughly 6 seconds, so hopefully you're in a tree stand at this point. Start with something that won't actually kill you if you maim it - like a fuzzy little rabbit! Now that you know what draw weight is best suited for your style of hunting, all that's left is to choose a crossbow.

120 lb crossbow uk

How much draw weight do I need for crossbow hunting? Most Popular. Treasure Hunting For Truffles. What is Translation? What is a Shared Vision?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education. Matte or Glossy Photos?Availability: Out of stock. Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock. The lb Hornet crossbow is a combination of fibreglass limb, aluminium barrel and plastic stock which, when combined launch 14" aluminium bolts at over mph into a target of your choice.

This bow measures 31" Long x 26" Wide, weighs in at 1.

Can a 120lb crossbow kill a deer?

The recurve shape of the limb means that the elastic force from the cross bar is almost entirely converted into forward motion of the bolt rather than stopping short of the end of the barrel meaning that the crossbow makes full use of it's length. Requiring some basic assembly this bow is also strippable for easy storage and carry to and from shoot location. As a starter bow this excels because it provides a huge amount of power for a very low cost allowing the user to get a taste for the sport without any massive initial outlay.

120 lb crossbow uk

Great crossbow. Feels more powerful than lb. Id recommend this crossbow to anyone. LU2 8EF. Collection Point Hours Mon — Fri - Please phone before your visit to collect you order, so we can arrange for your item to be ready when you arrive at the warehouse. More Views. An entry level full size lb Crossbow. Perfect for those looking to get into full size crossbow target shooting. Full Description. Review by Shaunrp78 Rating. Submit Review. Sign Up for Our Newsletter:.

Contact Us.The sales of this item has been restricted to adults only. There is no minimum age requirement by law to use this item, however adult supervision is recommended at all times. Armex lb Commando Crossbow Rifle.

Constructed of ABS with a high-tech fibreglass limb. After ordering this product, you will need to email us a photographic id before we will send it out.

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120 lb crossbow uk

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A black gun is classed as a realistic imitation firearm Rif. A Two Tone Gun i. To be able to buy a black gun or RIF you need to have a valid defence and be over To buy a two tone gun. No defence is needed, but you do need to be over 18 years old to buy one, but not to use one.

If you do not have a valid defence as above you must select the please two tone it option and let us paint it to make it legal for you to own. Site Information. Please wait Call us on mon-sat 10am-5pm. Categories Rifles. BB Pellets by Weight 0.Request Your Code Here. We stock powerful recurve crossbows. Hunters Knives provide a variety of recurve crossbows from the two main brands in the UK Armex and Anglo Arms starting with the 12 0lb Hornet recurve crossbow to the lb Jaguar including 2 color varients.

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Hunters knives also have other options for big recurve crossbows as the well known lb Cerberus. Our recurve crossbows deliver both in terms of power and accuracy. We have crossbows to suit all levels of ability and experience so you are sure to find one to suit your needs.

View Info. This lb Hornet recurve crossbow is suitable for both game hunting and target practice. The large skeletal design makes it very lightweight and easier to carry and features a Lbs draw weight. As you would expect this crossbow has fully adjustable front and rear sights, foot claw and a safety catch. The main body is constructed from compressed fiberglass with a aluminium barrel.

This lb Cerberus recurve crossbow from Anglo Arms is suitable for both game hunting and target practice. This stunning crossbow has a solid wood rear grip and foregrip that resembles a shotgun. This crossbow packs quite a punch with a lb draw weight.

The Cerberus is a mid to heavy hitter with a good weight that makes it feel solid and powerful. As you would expect the Cerberus The New Scorpion Recurve Crossbow. The sleek profile is built for exceptional speed, amazing accuracy and incredible performance. It Features a sturdy and nicely designed extendable stock and weighs just over 4. The Stuning Scorpion Crossbow comes with all you need to get This superb Panther recurve crossbow has been one of Hunters Knives best selling crossbows for many years.

The reason for the Panthers success is that it offers exceptional value for money and even includes a very desirable red dot sight. The Panther crossbow package also includes a complete set of goodies including a 4 arrow bow quiver, crossbow bolts and a tube of The Hunt I lb compound crossbow is one of a kind, made to perfection and to the highest standard of any experienced crossbow enthusiast. The main frame is constructed from T6 anodized aluminium ensuring strength and durability.

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The cherry colored wooden stock was carved into a purely comfortable shape, ensuring you had a cheek lift and finger grooved for better grip. While cocking the s This lb Stinger recurve crossbow is suitable for both game hunting and target practice.

The additional difference between the Stinger and the Hornet is simple, the limb is foldable to the point you could fit in a gun slip or a rigid gun case to take with you on your adv The Commando lb recurve crossbow is a fine work of art, made to perfection and to the highest standard of any experienced crossbow enthusiast.

The stock made from poly-carbide that has been molded into a purely comfortable shape, ensuring you had a cheek lift providing the feel of having a rifle i The Hunt II lb recurve crossbow is very much the same as the Jaguar and the Lynx crossbow models, made to suit the highest standard of any experienced crossbow enthusiast.

The main frame is constructed from aluminium. The dark colored wooden stock was carved into a simple but comfortable shape, ensuring you had a cheek lift and providing the feel of having a rifle in your ha All Rights Reserved.A question I get asked often is what you can do with a recurve bow with a specific draw weight.

Please keep in mind that everything written here is based on my experience with recurve bows exclusively, and that this information will likely not apply to, say, a compound bow — although the difference should not be huge.

Contrary to what most people think, a 30 or even a 25 lbs.

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If you have the aim for it and your form is on point, you can successfully hit a target from 60 or even 70 yards away with this kind of draw weight. Again, this will depend on your skills — the bow itself will never do any of the work for you although some designs are more forgiving, such as the Martin Sabe r or the Samick Sageto name a few cheaper ones. Some great bows which are available in 30 draw weight :. The bottom line is: as long as you are only looking to do some target practice and do not plan to do any hunting, 30 and 25 pounders will do just fine.

Heck, even a 20 will still do well. If possible, I would only make sure that the bow comes from a respectable recurve bow manufcturers — a comprehensive though not all-inclusive list is available here. You can obviously still target practice with those and easily hit targets from well over 80 yards if you have the eye and concentration for it.

While a 35 might be suitable for hunting in some conditions, I would advise against it — the reason being that these bows will often times not deliver enough kinetic energy to pierce the flesh of your pray, particularly if shooting from a distance greater than yards.

For more information on this subject, please check out my short but comprehensive guide: which draw weight should you choose.

Regarding hunting, a 40 pound recurve bow can be successfully used to hunt wild turkey and deer. However, if plan to specialize in hunting larger game elk for examplethen I would recommend getting a 45 or heavier bow for optimal performance, simply because it will help you feel more confident no matter your distance from the prey. Some great bows which are available in 35 and 40 draw weight:. These can be used for pretty much anything, be it hunting or target practice.

Some of the greatest recurves available in45 lbs. Although I do not know of any recurve bows with this kind of draw weight and which would be available for sale nowadays, I thought it would be interesting to mention that, historically, this kind of draw weight was very often used — particularly in the English longbow which was extremely popular during the middle-ages.

In fact, the English Longbow had to be a minimum of lbs. You can imagine just how much effort these took to shoot, but also how devastating they must have been.The product is currently Out-of-Stock.

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Enter your email address below and we will notify you as soon as the product is available. Your Basket. We are still taking orders and orders will be dispatched promptly. Add to Wish List. Tomcat II 80lb Pistol Crossbow. The new 80lb black Tomcat II pistol crossbow from Armex, with tactical foregrip.

Featuring the a dual safety system and rifle stock, the Tomcat II cros.

Powerful Recurve, Compound and Self Cocking Crossbows

New lb Out Of Stock. This is the very popular Jaguar that was very much loved, final. For people who pre-ordered The Adders are expected to arrive into the Netherlands on May the 7thWe don't have a specific date for deliveries yet, bu.

The blade of this sword, heavier than most other swords is quite wide and comes. Armex Tron 80lb Pistol Crossbow. Supplied with. Jon's 'Longclaw' style sword, complete with wall mountable display plaque. The blade of this sword, heavier than most other swords is quite wide and. New lb. This PRO version of the Jaguar II crossbow serves as a viable upgrade to one of the most popular recurve crossbows today.

The bow itself has a draw we.

120 lb crossbow uk

The 'Panther' in black has arrived!The Hornet crossbow from Anglo Arms. This crossbow is designed to give very good performance and power for a low cost. It is constructed of durable plastic and comes with 2 aluminium bolts. If you find an identical product available from another genuine UK retailer, please let us know and we will aim to match or better it.

Just fill out the form with the details of the retailer where you have seen it for a cheaper price, and we will then verify it and if possible amend our price within 48 hours. The product is available from a genuine UK retailer The product is NOT on Amazon or eBay It must be identical to this product, including the colour The product is supplied through a UK distributor and not a grey import or auction website The product is new, undamaged, the latest specification and is not out of date or on clearance The product is in stock available to the general public for collection or delivery.

All price match offers are at the discretion of Just Air Guns and we reserve the right to decline any price match without reason.

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